2-Story Outdoor Weatherproof Cat House Cat Condo

by Petsfit

From the same maker as the last house, Petsfit, this model is a square box with a covered, rooftop patio for your friend to relax on. Stairs lead up to this patio, which is framed with fencing that's more decorative than necessary for protection, but it does look nice.


This house is made from cedar that's painted with non-toxic paint. The roof and overhang are covered with asphalt sheets to ward off rainwater.

The front doorway is open, but an "escape hutch" that’s located on the side of the house and under the stairs, includes a clear plastic door.

The inside dimensions are 19" x 19" and 11" high. So this house is better suited for kittens or a single, medium-sized cat. (But one of her friends can lounge on the rooftop patio, of course!)

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